AOL Rock in Rio. Lisbon 26-27 May & 02-04 June. In association with O2



How to see Anastacia live

Want to know more about how to see Rock in Rio...then read through our FAQs below
Frequently Asked Questions
Is it free?
It is free for everyone.
What will I see on the webcast?
The AOL UK portal will include full performances, as well as on-demand streams of individual songs and sessions.
Are you benefiting financially from this?
The event is being sponsored by O2.
Will the AOL Broadband video stream be delayed at all?
Any delay will be in seconds rather than minutes.  (There is no built-in obscenity delay).
For how long will the video-on-demand content be available on AOL/
The on-demand content for any given artist will be available for 30 days after their performance.
Who will be performing? What are the details of the line up/concert etc
Please check online for the latest concert details.
What are you offering to AOL dial-up members?
Dial-up Members will be able to view/listen to the concerts at an appropriate quality for their connection speed. This will obviously be inferior to the higher speed experience available to Broadband viewers.
If I missed the live stream / want to watch highlights afterwards, can I do this?
Yes. Simply go to the Rock in Rio area on for on-demand highlights of the concerts.

Service and Technical Issues
What media players are needed to play the concerts?
Windows Media Player v.7 or higher is needed during the live concert:

A plug-in called Fugu will be automatically downloaded in the browser for the "On Demand" period.
On-Demand only: What is this Fugu plug-in that was installed when I tried to view the concert?
This is a small piece of software designed to enhance the streaming experience.

What's the minimum PC specification for the concerts?
See Minimum PC Specifications

Streaming and Service Issues
Stream is still online:
Why am I having problems accessing the Rock in Rio stream?
Please check you have a recent version of Windows Media Player software.
Stream is offline:
Why am I having problems accessing the Rock in Rio stream?
We apologise. We are experiencing a temporary technical issue. Please check again shortly.

I am getting a message saying the "online arena is full" - what is happening?
Due to the significant online demand, the online streaming is currently in full use. Please check again shortly as there may be space later.

But I am missing the event. I want to see it.
I am sorry you have missed any of the concerts online. The concerts will be available on-demand after the live event has finished and for 30 days afterwards.
What software is needed to play the concerts?
To view the Live stream Windows Media Player v.7 or higher is needed:

AOL cannot provide support for third-party software. Please visit or contact Microsoft if you need any assistance with Windows Media Player software.
To view the on-demand content, there is a small downloadable plug-in which will enable you to view the on-demand content. Please allow this to install if you are asked.
How do I view the concert full screen?
You can make the concert full screen by right clicking it and choosing full screen once the images are streaming. Use the Esc key to return to smaller screen. Please note: the quality of the images may reduce in full screen mode.