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NEW! Get AOL on your mobile

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AOL Mobile gives you access to the best of AOL from your mobile phone or other mobile device. So, when you're away from your computer, you can still access many of the same great services.

Access your email

Expecting an important email? Need to get on with your work? Or just want to arrange that important night out with friends? Don't wait until you're back home or in the office - now you can use your email to stay in touch wherever you are. AOL Mobile also gives you full access to all of your email folders. Very handy!

Surf the web

Imagine carrying the internet in your pocket. Well now you can. With AOL Mobile you can search Google just like you can on your computer - plus you can surf the world-wide-web for whatever you need when you're on the move.


Get the latest news, sports and much more...

In a café? On a train? Waiting for friends? Need info fast? Just grab your phone or other mobile device and enjoy the very best of the AOL. Get the news headlines, follow your favourite football team, check what the weather is going to do next and even read your horoscope.


Text ‘AOL’ to 85885 to get
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