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What are Message Board Ratings?

Message board ratings indicate whether the readers found the message useful or not. You can also see how many other people liked a message. To see a message's rating, and add your vote, navigate to the message. On the message itself is information about how many members like this post, for example, 850 of 1200 members liked this post. Do you? Indicate whether or not you like the message by clicking on either the Yes or No link.

Threads (or subjects) and the message boards themselves will also display a rating. The thread and board ratings are based on the overall ratings of the individual messages that they contain.

Ratings for messages, subjects, and boards are indicated wherever they are shown in a subject or board list. The rating will range from one to five plus (+) signs (+ means poorly rated, +++++ means very highly rated).


  • You can vote on a message as often as you like, but only your latest vote counts.
  • The ratings are not scientific and only reflect the opinions of those members who choose to participate.
  • Not all message boards have ratings enabled.