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What's new in the latest update of AOL Email on the web

The latest update to the AOL Email on the web page provides you with new features and makes your access to the AOL Email on the web page easier and faster. The new features include:

  1. Adding pictures to you e-mail from your AOL Pictures Albums
  2. Saving pictures from your e-mail to your AOL Pictures Albums
  3. Improved the connections to provide a quicker response for the entire AOL Email on the web page
  4. On the Calendars tab, added the Add calendars for movies, music, and more link to make it easier to subscribe to other calendars
  5. Made the file attachment area more user-friendly
  6. The Bcc: box is hidden by default to free up space
    Note: You can click on the Show Bcc link to display the Bcc: box. The Bcc: box will remain open until you open another e-mail.