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AOL Help: System Summary Page

In the event of technical difficulties, a Email System Summary page is provided to help diagnose the problem.

The System Summary page contains various AOL Email on the Web configuration information, all on one page. This page is intended for use when communicating with the AOL Member Services department and you may be asked for some of the information on this page. For faster service, please be prepared with this information prior to contacting Member Services and include the contents of this page when requesting technical assistance.

To open the system summary page:
The System Summary page can be opened by holding the Shift key on your keyboard, then clicking the Help button. A new browser window will open, displaying the contents of the System Summary page. When it is no longer needed, click the X button in the upper right to close the AOL Email System Summary window.

Some of the items included on the System Summary page are:

  • User Name and User Domain
  • Browser name and version number
  • Operating System
  • Server name
  • Server Affinity ID (the server you are connected to)
  • Server version number
  • An ability to re-synchronise with email and address book servers (can help resolve email and address book issues non-harmful to account)