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Rename Folders for AOL Email on the Web

AOL Email on the Web allows you to personalise folders for ease of organising your email.

To rename a folder:
1. Click the Edit Folders button at the bottom of the folder list in the Email window. The Edit Folders window opens.
2. Click the Rename button next to the name of the folder you want to change. This opens a text box with the current folder name highlighted.
3. Delete the current name and type the new name of the folder in the text box. The name can be any combination of letters, numbers, and special characters, but it cannot begin or end with a space.
4. Click the Rename button. The renamed folder is shown on your Folder List.

Notes: The following reserved characters are not allowed in folder names: \, :, *, ?, , <, >, |, %.

You can rename a personal folder, but you cannot rename any of the five system folders.