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AOL Help: Schedule an Event through the Add a New Event Screen

You can schedule an event in any calendar view by using the Add a New Event screen.

To schedule and event through the add a new event screen:

  1. On the AOL Email on the Web window, in the upper right, click the Calendar button.
  2. Click the Add Event button.
  3. On the AOL Edit Event window, type the event name, then change the details of the event (e.g. date, time or type).

    Note: To schedule the event on a different calendar, next to Calendar: click the down arrow, then click the calendar you want to use.
  4. To receive a reminder, click the Remind Me box to place a check mark in it, then select the amount of time in advance of the event when you want to receive the reminder.
  5. When you finish specifying the event information, click the Save button.