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AOL Help: Add Events from the Event Directory

You can use the Event Directory to find a wide array of cultural, community, and sporting events. Once you locate an event of interest you can add it to your calendar with a single click.

To add events from the event directory:

  1. On the AOL Email on the Web window, in the upper right, click the Calendar button
  2. Next to My Calendars, click the add link.
  3. In the Adding Calendars window, click the Find a Calendar option, then click the Continue button.
  4. Next to a calendar you wish to subscribe to, click the Subscribe Now link
  5. Close the Calendar Subscribed window. It may take a few minutes for your calendar to refresh and show the calendar you subscribed to.

Note: You can also find the event directory by going to AOL Keyword: Event Directory. From the event directory you can find and add events to your calendar without having to start AOL Calendar.