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AOL Help: About Events

Calendar gives you the option of scheduling a one-time event, such as a party, as well as repeating events, such as monthly bingo, weekly football practice, and the like. An event created in one calendar can be moved to any other calendar you have View and Edit permissions for or additional calendars you have created. When you add an event or events from a Planner or using an Add to my Calendar button anywhere on the AOL service, the event is automatically added to your primary calendar by default. These events can be moved to another calendar as well.

Schedule an Event by Typing Directly on the Calendar
Schedule an Event through the Add a New Event Screen
Move a Single Event from One Calendar to Another
Move a Repeating Event from One Calendar to Another
Delete or Cancel an Event from Your Calendar
Reschedule an Event
Schedule a Repeating Event
Add Events from the Event Directory
Copy Events from Other Calendars to My Calendar
Not Receiving Event Updates