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AOL Help: Use the People Picker

When writing an email, AOL Email on the Web offers the People Picker as a convenient feature to help you rapidly enter email addresses that exist in your AOL Address Book.

The People Picker feature allows you to quickly select the email addresses that you want to send your email to directly from your AOL address book.

To use the People Picker feature:
1. In the AOL Email window, click the Write Email button.
2. Click the To: button.

Note: The Cc: and Bcc: boxes also have the People Picker feature.

3. Click the link for each email address to which you want to send your email.

Note: You can click the View the previous page of addresses arrow button, View the next page of addresses arrow button, or a letter link in the Alpha Quick Jump section to move to different pages of your address book.

4. Click the Close link.