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AOL Help: Save Email Permanently to Your Saved on AOL Folder

The Saved on AOL email folder is a special folder that allows you to permanently save messages online on the AOL servers. The Saved on AOL folder is not stored on your computer, so it can be accessed from another computer when you sign on to the AOL service as a guest. Your Saved on AOL Email folder can store an unlimited number of emails and attachments.

Your Saved on AOL Folder can be accessed from any computer via AOL Email on the Web or via the AOL service, even if you aren't using your own computer.

To save email to your Saved on AOL folder using the AOL software:
1. On the AOL toolbar, click the Read button.
2. Click the Manage Email tab.
3. In the My Email Folders window on the left, click the New, Old, or Sent icon, then click the email you want to save, to highlight it.
4. Click the Save button at the bottom of the Email message window.
5. Select On AOL from the drop-down menu, then click the folder you want to save it into. You can save it to the Saved on AOL folder, or another folder you may have created inside this area.


  • Saved Email will no longer be displayed in your current Mailbox window. They have been moved to the Saved on AOL folder or to the folder you have created inside it. To view these messages, simply click the Saved on AOL icon in the My Email Folders window, or the folder name that you have created in this area.
  • Your Saved on AOL Email folder has no size limit, providing you with unlimited storage for all your email and attachments.
  • You can delete messages from your Saved on AOL folder like other email folders.
  • While the Saved on AOL Email folder is available to users of AOL 6.0 software and above, as well as users of AOL for Mac OS X, there is no way to access it in from within the AOL 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, or AOL for Mac OS X software. If you are using one of these versions and want to take advantage of Saved on AOL Email with unlimited storage, you can access it via the AOL Email on the Web service at

Save Email to Your Saved on AOL Folder on

You can permanently store email messages in a special online folder called the Saved on AOL folder when you read AOL Email on the Web.

To save email to the Saved on AOL folder using AOL Email on the Web:
1. Go to
2. Click the Read & Write Email button.
3. Open the folder that holds the messages you would like to move. To do this, click the name of the folder on the Email window on the left side of your Mailbox window.
4. Click the box to the left of the message you would like to move to place a check mark in it.
5. Click the Move drop-down menu.
6. Click Saved Email, or any other folder you may have created, to move the messages to. If you wish to organise the email that you save into separate folders, click Create Folder, type the name of the new folder, then click the Save button.