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AOL Help: About Distribution Lists

A distribution list allows you to send an email to multiple people, with just one entry in the address box. It avoids the need of typing each address when you regularly send email to the same group of people.

Create a Distribution List

You can create a distribution list from email addresses in your AOL Address Book and other email addresses you type in manually.

To create a distribution list:
1. On the AOL Email window, click the Addresses button
2. Click the New button, choose New Distribution List from the list, then click it.
3. In the Distribution List Name: box, type the name you want for the list.
4. In the Address Book: box, click the name link for each email address you want to add to the list.
5. If needed, in the Other Address: box, type an email address, then click the Add button.
6. Click the Save button.


Use a Distribution List

Once you have created a distribution list, you can use auto complete to select it from your AOL Address Book.

To use a distribution list:
1. On the AOL Email window, click the Write Email button.
2. In the To: box, type the first few letters of the distribution list's name.
3. In the Auto Complete box, click the distribution list's name link.

Note: The distribution list's name will display in bold text.