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AOL Help: Personalised Away Message

You can create a personalised Away Message so that anyone who sends you email will get an automatic reply to let them know you can not read or reply to their message right now.

An Away Message is perfect for when you're leaving for a vacation and you want to let people know when you'll be returning.

To set a personalised Away Message:

1. Open a Web browser, login to AOL Email on the Web at , then click the Settings button in your mailbox window.
2. Click the Away Message link on the left side to open the Away Message Settings window. Three options are displayed.

  • No away message. (default): This option does not enable any automatic away message.
  • Hello, I am unavailable to read your message at this time.: This option returns to the sender a message with that text.
  • Hello, I am away until: If you click this option and select a date using the drop-down menu, the sender will receive a message with that text.

3. If a change was made to any of the above settings, click the Save button to have the changes applied or click the Cancel button to discard the changes.

Note: Only one away message will be returned to a sender, even if multiple messages are received. When you become available again, remember to change this setting back.