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AOL Help: Clear the Browser Cache

Web browsers temporarily store images and text from Web pages on your hard drive in a storage area called a cache. If you experience any problems displaying Web pages, you may need to clear your browser cache. Depending on the number of files in your cache, this operation may take a few minutes.

The AOL software stores a cache separate from Internet Explorer so it may be necessary to clear the cache for both.

Note: If you are not using Internet Explorer, please follow your browser's specific instructions for clearing your browser cache.

Clear the Browser Cache Using AOL System Information

Clearing the cache through AOL System Information will clear the cache for both Internet Explorer and the AOL software.

To clear the browser cache using AOL System Information:
1. On the end of the Windows® taskbar next to the clock, right-click the AOL icon in the system tray, then click System Information....
2. Click the Utilities tab.
3. Click the Clear or Clear Browser Cache button.
4. Click the Close button.


Clear your Browser Cache through Internet Explorer

Clearing the Internet Explorer cache will not affect the cache stored in the AOL software.

To clear your browser cache through Internet Explorer:
1. Click the Start button, select Programs or All Programs, then click Internet Explorer.
2. Click the Tools menu, click Internet Options....
3. Click the General tab.
4. Click the Delete Files button.
5. Click the Delete all offline content box to place a check mark in it.
6. Click the OK button.