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AOL Help: To Share Your Entire Calendar so That Specified People can View or Edit it

Ensure that the people you invite to share your Calendar are using AOL 9.0 Optimised SE, AOL 9.0 Security Edition, or AOL's Web Calendar (available at, or your Calendar cannot be viewed.

To share your Calendar so that specified people can view or edit it:
1. On the AOL Email on the Web window, in the upper right, click the Calendar button.
2. Under My Calendars, click the Calendar you want to share.
3. On the Edit Calendar Details window, click the Sharing tab.
4. In the Enter Screen Name box, type the screen name you wish to share your Calendar with, then click the Add Item button. Repeat for additional Screen Names.
5. Next to each screen name choose the View Only or View & Edit option as appropriate. Be sure to give View & Edit permissions only to those who you fully trust to create, edit, and delete events on your calendar.

Note: If you wish to remove a Screen Name from a Calendar, click the Trash Can icon.

6. When finished adjusting permissions, click the Save button.
7. Click the OK button.

Notes: You can only share Calendars that you create. You cannot share Calendars that were created by others that appear on your Calendars list.
You can only share your Calendar with people who have AOL Screen Names. Free AOL Screen Names are available at, then click the Sign On button.