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AOL Help: Create an Additional Calendar

If you want to keep your work calendar separate from your home calendar, you can create more than one calendar for yourself or to share with others.

To create an additional calendar:

  1. On the AOL Email on the Web window, next to My Calendars, click the Add button.
  2. On the Adding Calendars window, click the Create a New Calendar option, then click the Continue button.
  3. Under Calendar Name, type the name of the calendar.
  4. If you wish to share this calendar with specific people, click the Sharing tab and type the screen names of the people who you want to View Only or View & Edit this calendar.
  5. After you have completed your sharing choices, click the Save button.

Note: The screen name that created each event appears next to the event title when you print the calendars. Unfortunately at this time, it is not possible to disable this feature. People you invite to view your Calendar must be using AOL 9.0 Optimised SE, AOL 9.0 Security Edition, or AOL's Web Calendar (available at ), or your calendar cannot be viewed.