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AOL Help: Use Auto Complete

The Auto Complete feature will present a list of email addresses from your AOL Email on the Web Address Book suggested by the text you have entered in the To:, Cc:, or Bcc: boxes.

To make it easier to address your email, AOL Email on the Web can offer suggestions from your AOL Address Book.

Note: This feature works with address books that have fewer than 4,000 entries and is available on advanced browsers only, such as: Firefox 1.x, Internet Explorer 5.5/6.0, and Safari 1.2.4.

To use Auto Complete:
1. On the AOL Email window, click the Write Email button.
2. In the To: box, type at least the first letter of the email address, then pause for a second.
3. In the Auto Complete: To box, click the link for the email address you want.

Note: Only the first 30 matching entries will be shown and a note at the bottom of the window will show the total quantity of matches. Continue typing characters to narrow down the match.