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Ward off intruders

Internet invaders, such as spyware, spam, Messenger Service pop-ups and phishing emails, can invade your privacy, damage your online experience and slow down your connection. Follow these six simple steps to spring-clean your PC.

  1. Frustrate spammers
    Use AOL 9.0's powerful spam controls to help make sure your mailbox contains only the emails you welcome.

  2. Get firewall protection
    All AOL Broadband members can download the firewall included in the subscription, to prevent unauthorised computer entry.

  3. Buy premium anti-virus
    AOL already scans your emails and attachments for viruses - now you can reinforce the protection for your whole PC to include downloads and malicious files.

  4. Wipe out grey messenger pop-ups
    Sign on to AOL and go to AOL Keyword: Computer Check-Up to run Computer Check-Up regularly. This will help your computer to run more smoothly, as well as getting rid of those ugly grey pop-ups.

  5. Banish Spyware and Adware
    Download and run anti-spyware tools to help speed up your connection, improve privacy and prevent disconnects.

  6. Avoid premium-rate or rogue diallers
    You can download a dialler without noticing, if you use another connection. Make sure you connect via AOL every time to help you avoid a nasty surprise on your phone bill.