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What are web controls?

Web controls give you the flexibility to decide what types of web sites are appropriate for your child's age and maturity level. You can choose from three web controls settings: Kids Only, Young Teen or Mature Teen. The descriptions for each of these settings are intended to provide you with guidance to help you make an informed decision that is right for your child.

If you encounter a web site that you feel should be accessible to an age category but it is not, or if you encounter a web site that you think should be restricted for a certain age category, please let us know by signing-on to AOL and going to AOL Keyword: Recommend a Site or AOL Keyword: Report a Site. The site will be promptly reviewed and we will inform you of our decision.

To help you feel more secure about your child's online experience, we urge you to spend time with your child when they go online. The more involved you are with their online activities, the easier it will be to set limits that are appropriate. As parents, you should get to know your children's online friends and their favourite online areas, just as you know their neighbourhood friends and what they watch on television. In the end, there's no better safeguard than parental supervision.

AOL's web controls use state-of-the-art content recognition filtering tools provided by a company called RuleSpace. This technology is able quickly and accurately to analyse words and phrases as well as the context in which they are presented. To learn more about how this smart technology works, please visit RuleSpace, Inc.