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How does AOL determine what kids can view on the web?

Some web content is not appropriate for children. Web sites are reviewed and selected by a third-party vendor on an ongoing basis. Our third-party vendor selects web sites with input from AOL members and partners.

  • Younger users (Kids Only, Young Teen) are restricted to age-appropriate web sites only.
  • Mature Teen users have more latitude, but are still blocked from sites containing explicitly mature content.

If you find that your child does not have access to a site that you believe to be child-safe, you can choose to recommend a site. Our third-party vendor will review it and add it to the list of acceptable sites if it is deemed appropriate. If you would like to report a site with mature content, you can also ask to have that site reviewed and eliminated from access.

To recommend or report a web site:

  1. Sign-on using your AOL software.
  2. Go to AOL Keyword: Recommend a Site or AOL Keyword: Report a Site.
  3. Click either Report A Site or Recommend A Site.
  4. Type in the address of the site you are reporting or recommending.
  5. Select the Parental Controls category that you think should or should not be given access to the site in question.
  6. Click Send.