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Do Parental Controls work with AOL on Sky Active?

AOL on Sky Active works with the default Parental Control settings for:

  • General Access (18+)
  • Mature Teen (16-17)
  • Young Teen (13-15)
  • Kids Only (12 and under)

It is possible to set these controls for your family's screen names going to or by signing on to AOL on your computer with your master screen name and going to AOL Keyword: Parental Controls.

All screen names can access AOL on Sky Active. It is not currently possible to entirely block particular screen names from accessing AOL on Sky Active, but using Parental Controls does allow restrictions to be placed upon usage of certain features, as follows:

  • Young Teen and Kids Only accounts will not be able to access Buddy List (they will appear to be offline).
  • All Email Controls settings will work in the same way as on the desktop AOL service.
  • The Online Timer feature available when accessing AOL through your computer does not come into effect. All accounts have unlimited time to use AOL on Sky Active.
  • AOL on Sky Active cannot restrict access to content such as news and sport headlines and weather forecasts.

Note: This means that, unlike the desktop AOL service, a Kids Only account will have access to general news, sport and weather content.

Also note: AOL on Sky Active only uses the default Parental Controls settings for each age category as defined above. If you have customised the Parental Controls settings for IM or Buddy List access, these changes will only affect the desktop AOL service and the customised settings will not apply to members accessing parentally controlled accounts on AOL on Sky Active.

Please sign on to AOL and go to AOL Keyword: SkyActive for more information.