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Safety tips

Kids can have a fun and enriching online experience by following a few simple reminders. Parents should review these online safety tips with their children, and regularly talk about online experiences.

We recommend you click the Print button on the AOL toolbar to print these tips, so you can easily review them with your children and pin them near your computer.

Online safety tips for kids

  1. Never tell anyone online your last name, address, phone number or the name of your school.
  2. Always keep your password secret! AOL staff will never ask you for it.
  3. Don't agree to meet an online friend in real life, unless your mum or dad goes with you.
  4. Make sure you know where files are from before you download them.
  5. Tell AOL and an adult you trust if anything online makes you feel uncomfortable.

These tips are also available when you sign on to AOL at AOL Keyword: Safety Tips.