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How do Internet Access Controls work?

Internet Access Controls (IAC) are designed for parents who use a router or for parents who connect to the internet or AOL via another ISP's modem connection.

For customers with routers or customers who connect to the internet via another ISP, Internet Access Controls will help your children to only be able to surf the internet and visit web sites according to the Parental Controls protections you set up for them.

Once this feature is installed, everyone who uses this computer must sign in to AOL before using any internet program.

Kids Only, Young Teen and Mature Teen screen names will have restricted access to internet programs. They will only be able to use AOL programs and web browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape, where Parental Controls will apply. Other internet programs will be blocked.

Master screen names and General Access (18+) screen names will be allowed to use all internet programs without restriction.

If your child has access to multiple computers, you will need to install this software on each computer.