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How do I block junk email my child receives?

The best way to prevent spam or junk email is to use AOL Email Controls to restrict who can send email to your child.

To block unwanted email using email controls:

  1. Go to or sign-on to AOL and go to AOL Keyword: Parental Controls.
  2. Click on the screen name for whom you are setting the email controls. (If your child does not already have their own AOL screen name, click Create Your Child's Screen Name to create one.)
  3. Click the Edit Email Control button.
  4. Choose the settings that you wish this screen name to have. For example:
    • Allow email from all senders (all email allowed)
    • Block email from all senders (no email allowed)
    • Allow email only from People I Know (allows the child to specify who they can receive email from)
    • Use a Custom Sender List (allows you to specify who your child can receive email from) For more information on using the latter two options, see Can I control who my child receives email from?
  5. If you wish, you may also tick the option Block email containing pictures or files. This will prevent your child from receiving any email containing pictures or files, regardless of who they come from.
  6. Click Save to store your chosen email controls settings. Alternatively, you can click Save & Copy to store your settings and also copy them to another of your screen names.

Note: For more advice on how to fight junk email, go to AOL Keyword: Spam.