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Steps to adjust your firewall access

The following steps will modify your firewall security to allow AOL to work with your firewall software and connect to the AOL service without reducing your security level in respect of other types of software.

If you have any questions about your firewall software, it is strongly recommended that you contact your firewall software supplier for further information.

  1. Click on Start, then Programs. (Windows XP users, click All Programs.)
  2. Click Trend Micro, then the PC-cillin folder, then click PC-cillin.
  3. In the PC-cillin main window, click the Advanced tab and select the Internet Traffic Control option from the left-hand menu.
  4. Make sure the Halt Internet Traffic button is NOT ticked.
  5. In the PC-cillin main window, click Settings, then click Personal Firewall.
  6. Make sure the Security Level is NOT set to High as it will block incoming and outgoing traffic.
  7. In the Exceptions List, look for AOL Connection under the Description column and make sure it is ticked.
  8. Close the Settings window and exit PC-cillin.
  9. Restart your PC and try to sign on to AOL again.