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How do I set up my privacy preferences?

Privacy preferences allow you to protect your online privacy by allowing you to select who can and can't add your screen name to their Buddy List, send you instant messages, or locate you online. You can block all screen names or just screen names that you specify.

To set up your privacy preferences:

  1. Sign-on to AOL and go to AOL Keyword: Privacy Preferences.
  2. Choose your desired level of privacy. These range from Allow ALL (least restrictive) to Block ALL (most restrictive).
  3. If you have chosen an option other than Allow ALL, you should use the two choices in the lower left corner of the screen to select which features to apply your restrictions to. Either:
    • Cannot view me on their Buddy List (restrictions apply to people trying to add you to their Buddy List, with no restriction on sending you Instant Messages)
    • Cannot view me on their Buddy list or IM me (restrictions apply both to Buddy List and to incoming Instant Messages).
  4. Click Save.