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Safety & Security: Your questions answered

How do I keep my password safe?
What is chat room disruption?
What if someone asks for my credit card number?
How do I report an offensive USENET posting?
How do I report a violation of COS?
Privacy Policy
How can I avoid spam and other junk email?
What are AOL Email Controls?
Using email controls
What is Official AOL Mail?
How can I tell a legitimate email from a scam?
What should I do if I get a scam email?
How do I chat and send instant messages safely?
How can I protect my privacy in a chat room?
Minimising the risk of meeting someone offline
Minimise risk of children meeting someone offline
Report an email violation
How do I protect my password?
How do I create a secure password?
How often should I change my password?
Should I store my passwords on my computer?
Will anti-virus protection protect my password?


Is it safe to shop online?
How can I tell if a business is legitimate?
When is it safe to use my credit card online?
What steps can I take to protect my credit card?
I have unauthorised charges on my credit card
What is identity theft?
How do I protect my identity?
What should I do if my identity has been stolen?
How do I protect myself against scams?
How can I tell if an offer is legitimate or a scam?
How can I guard my family's privacy when online?
How do I set up my privacy preferences?
How do I set up my chat preferences?
How do I use AOL's Email Controls?
What if I find myself in an online confrontation?
What is Notify AOL and how do I use it?
What is broadband?
How can I protect my broadband connection?
What is a firewall and how do they work?
Do I need anti-virus with a broadband connection?