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How can I tell a legitimate email from a scam?

Scams and spam are sometimes difficult to separate from legitimate emails.

First, if the offer in the email is too good to be true or threatens you with termination of service, the email is probably a scam.

Second, beware of any emails asking for your screen name, password or other personal information.
Remember: AOL will never ask for you screen name, password or other personal information in email. Furthermore, AOL will only ask you to update your billing information by signing-on to AOL and going to AOL Keyword: Billing.

Finally, check for the following:

  • Does the email come from the internet? No email from AOL will be sent from the internet.
  • Does the email look professional? Email from legitimate sources will be formatted well and not contain any misspelled words.
  • Does the email discuss any products that you have never heard of or used before?