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What tools do I need to protect my broadband connection?

A broadband connection is much faster than a dial-up modem connection, and connects to you to the Internet with no dialling or engaged signals.

However, the same thing that makes broadband attractive to AOL members - a faster connection to the internet - can also make your computer a target for hackers and viruses. To help guard against this, there are two essential tools you can use:

  1. Anti-virus software, to protect your computer from viruses and other malicious computer programs, such as Trojan horses or worms. See see Anti-Virus protection for more information and advice on fighting viruses.
  2. A firewall, to protect your computer from unauthorised probes from the Internet, and data from being sent out to the Internet without your permission. AOL Broadband users can avail of free firewall software - see Firewall software for more details.