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How can I protect myself from junk email while using chat rooms?

As you may know, junk email (also known as spam) has grown into a real problem on the internet. What was a minor annoyance a year ago (when unsolicited email occasionally appeared) has become a source of considerable frustration for a growing number of AOL members.

In some cases, spammers can collect names from the member list in chat rooms and then send junk email to everyone in that chat room. This problem is currently concentrated in AOL US chat rooms, so if you don't use American chat rooms, this isn't something you should have to worry about.

We are currently working on a technical solution which will make it more difficult for spammers to abuse chat in this way, but in the meantime, there are other ways to protect yourself from receiving spam while in a US chat room. The most effective way is to create a separate screen name specifically for US chat (remember, you can have up to 7 screen names on your AOL account). Then use AOL's email controls to block email to that screen name.

You can create a new screen name by signing-on to AOL and going to AOL Keyword: Screen Names, then click Create a Screen Name and follow the on-screen instructions.

Then, to set up email controls for that screen name, go to AOL Keyword: Email Controls.