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How does the AOL software help me fight spam?

AOL versions 9.0 and 8.0 include two useful email features which help you take control of your mailbox and protect yourself from spam.

  1. Mailbox filter:Now you can screen out unwanted email by hiding messages from people you don't know. To use the mailbox filter, open your mailbox as usual by double-clicking the Read icon on your AOL toolbar, then click the Show me email from drop-down menu on the mailbox window. The two most commonly used options are: Everyone: Shows all email received. People I Know: Only shows email from people in your address book. (Other email is hidden, not deleted. To view all email again, select Everyone.)

  2. Report Spam button: Now you can report spam to AOL and delete it from your mailbox, all with one click.
    To use this new feature on AOL 9.0 and AOL 8.0, open your mailbox (by double-clicking Read on your AOL toolbar, as above). Highlight an unwanted email by clicking on it once, then click Report Spam at the bottom of the mailbox window. The email will be deleted, while at the same time a copy will be forwarded to AOL.
    Using this feature to report any spam you receive enables AOL to more efficiently update our automatic spam filters and stop junk email before it reaches you in future.

    You can report multiple junk emails at the same time by holding down the Ctrl key as you click on each email. Then report them all at once by clicking Report Spam when finished.

To get the latest version of the AOL software and enjoy these new features, sign on to AOL and go to AOL Keyword: Upgrade