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Fight spam in six steps

Junk email cluttering up your mailbox? AOL bounces billions of spam emails off the service before they even get to you. To clear out the stragglers, sign on to AOL and visit AOL Keyword: Spam Controls.

  1. Always report spam
    Click the button at the bottom of your mailbox to report spam. AOL's tools get smarter the more you use them.

  2. Check your spam folder
    Find your Spam Folder at the bottom of your mailbox. Legitimate emails can sometimes get there in error. If so, click the This Is Not Spam button.

  3. Use your custom word blocker
    We all know subject lines that mean spam, such as 'meds' and 'degree'. Now you can block the words that you never want to see again.

  4. Set up screen names
    Get advice about using separate identities for chatting, shopping, banking and email, to help thwart the spammers and improve your online privacy.

  5. Receive email only from existing contacts
    You can allow email just from your Address Book by choosing People I Know in your spam controls to prevent anyone else contacting you by email.

  6. Get your spam questions answered
    Join the AOL community and visit the message boards to share advice and support with Hosts and other experienced members.