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AOL email virus protection

AOL offers an automatic virus scan that provides an added level of security when receiving and sending emails. This is included in your AOL subscription and is at no extra cost.

Every attachment you send or receive via AOL is scanned for viruses, worms, and trojans automatically. It does not scan your hard drive and you will need extra protection to stop virus attacks from other sources, such as websites and downloads.

You've got email

If the scan detects a virus attached to your email, a virus protection pop-up will tell you the outcome of the scan. If you receive a virus protection pop-up, you do not need to contact us. Where possible, the scanning service will remove the virus from your attachment and send the email onwards or download it virus-free.

Sometimes it will not be possible to remove the virus, in which case the scanning service will tell you that the email has not been sent. Either way, you should delete the document that contains the virus and run a virus scan to check that other files have not been infected.

Keeping up to date

New viruses are discovered every month, so up-to-date virus protection is critical. AOL's email scanning service will be regularly and automatically updated in an effort to create a safer and more secure online environment. Although it is not possible to guarantee that the virus scanning service will always catch every virus, worm or trojan, AOL strives to offer a high level of protection.

If you want protection against all the other internet intruders, please sign on to AOL and go to AOL Keyword: Virus.