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Get the best from your spam folder

AOL will continue to block billions of bulk spam emails at the network level before they even reach your mailbox, but the new spam folder gives you the chance to control the emails you do receive more effectively.

Check your spam folder regularly
Open it at least every five days, because legitimate emails occasionally end up there. You can click on This is Not Spam to restore them to your mailbox, and delete the rest.

You will find your spam folder as a blue text link at the bottom left of the AOL 9.0 mailbox window. You can also find it among your folders in the Manage Email view of your mailbox.

You can also view your spam folder or customise your spam controls using any web browser by going to and clicking Email.

What's in your spam folder?
Although the spam folder is effective at filtering spam messages away from your mailbox, legitimate emails may be redirected to the spam folder as well. As the filters learn, this will happen less, but you need to check your spam folder regularly. Not checking the spam folder regularly could result in the loss of some legitimate emails, as emails placed here are deleted after five days.

Advanced spam filtering
AOL 9.0 includes advanced spam filtering functionality, which automatically learns what you regard as spam over time, based on your use of the Report Spam button.

Turning off your spam filter
We recommend you take advantage of the advanced spam filter, but if you prefer not to use it - for example, if you use the spam filter built into AOL Communicator instead - you can turn it off. Sign on to AOL and go to AOL Keyword: Spam Controls, then untick the box marked Email filtered by AOL's Advanced Spam Filter.

Using your address book
You should also add the addresses of these legitimate emails to your AOL Address Book so these emails go directly to your mailbox in future. To add addresses to your address book, sign on to AOL and go to AOL Keyword: Address Book.

Finding your spam folder on older versions of AOL
If you have tried to install AOL 9.0, and succeeded in logging in, your spam folder will be activated. If you then use AOL 8.0 or below, you will be able to find the folder by signing on to AOL and going to AOL Keyword: Spam Folder.

Safety for children
AOL's Parental Controls extend to the spam folder, so that children are further shielded from inappropriate content. Screen names with Kids Only or Young Teen settings will not see the spam folder on their mailbox. Parents can review the contents of their children's spam folders by selecting the relevant screen names from the drop-down menu in the spam folder window.