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Marketing emails from AOL

In addition to Official AOL Mail, which communicate important information, AOL occasionally sends out information about AOL features and benefits that can enhance your AOL and online experience. An example of this would be a special offer or information about new tools and products.

These marketing emails will always start with the prefix AOL, but will not have the attributes of Official AOL Mail. Please be aware that no genuine AOL communication will EVER ask you to provide your AOL password. Be careful with all email from unknown senders, and check anything with the prefix AOL against the list below:

New members

  • AOLUKTravel – an introduction to booking travel online
  • AOLShopping – an introduction to shopping online
  • AOLUKCommunity – an introduction to using message boards and chat
  • AOLTechAdvice – an introduction to getting the best out of your PC
  • AOLInTouch – an introduction to getting the best out of AOL products
  • AOLUKBroadband – an introduction to the benefits of broadband
  • AOLUKSupport – troubleshooting tips and contacts for Member Services

All members

  • AOLUKUpdate – general updates on AOL products
  • AOLFindOutMore – general updates on AOL products
  • AOL UKReward – promotions to selected members only
  • AOL Member Offer – special offers

Official AOL Mail are sent from different addresses, but are easily identifiable by three markers:

  1. A blue envelope in your mailbox
  2. A dark blue border around the email
  3. The Official AOL Mail seal on the email itself