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Upload pictures to your AOL Member Profile

This article is about how to upload pictures to your AOL Member Profile.

  1. Go to AOL Keyword: Profile. If you are not using the AOL software, go to, then sign in using your AOL Screen Name and password.
  2. Click the Edit My Profile or My Profile link.
  3. Click the OK button if a disclaimer appears. The Edit My Profile window will appear.
  4. Click the Pictures link.
  5. Click the Add Pictures button. The You've Got Pictures window will appear.

    Note: Make certain the image(s) you wish to upload are in JPEG format and located in your You've Got Pictures albums.

  6. Select the picture(s) you wish to upload to your profile by clicking the boxes to place a check mark in them, then click the Add Pictures button. The images selected will appear in the pictures area in your profile. You may preview them by clicking the Preview button, then clicking the Pictures tab.