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AOL Pictures Screensaver Manager

If you have saved one or more pictures to be used as a screensaver or background image, the AOL Pictures Screensaver Manager can be used to control their behavior.

To access the Screensaver Manager, simply follow the instructions provided below:

  1. On the end of the Windows taskbar next to the clock, right-click the AOL Pictures Screensaver icon.
  2. Click Screensaver Manager.

The Screensaver Manager displays all of the pictures that are currently in your photo screensaver and provides all of the following options:

  • Preview: See you how your selected screensaver will appear
  • Add New Picture(s): Navigate your hard drive to find addtional images for use in the AOL Pictures screensaver or as desktop backgrounds
  • Delete Picture(s): Remove images from the AOL Pictures screensaver; this action does not delete the actual image file from your hard disk or AOL Pictures album
  • Set As My Background: Sets a single image as a background for the Windows desktop

The Preferences button will take you to a number of additional configuration options. These may be used to turn the screensaver on or off, set the screensaver time and speed, enlarge screensaver images to fit the screen, toggle the ability to use arrow keys to scroll manually through the image, set transitional effects, or to display the photos in random order. There are also a number of options for using AOL Pictures screensaver images as your desktop background.