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About Ordering Prints

You can order professional-quality prints and enlargements, as well as gifts and novelties, of the images found in your AOL Pictures albums as follows:

  1. Click the Order icon.

  2. Choose the number of prints you would like for each available print size, select the type of print you would like (matt or gloss) then click the Continue with your order button.

  3. The selected picture(s) will be added to your shopping basket. If you wish, you can click the Return to AOL Pictures button to come back to your albums and add more pictures to your order.

  4. When you have selected all the photos you wish to order, click the Checkout your order button in your shopping basket.
Note: To order novelties or gifts from your photos (for example, framed photos, calendars, mugs or placemats), simply add the photo to an order as described above, then click the Make a gift from this photo link under the appropriate photo in your shopping basket.