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About My Albums

When viewing your own AOL Pictures albums from the My Albums page, many options are available to help you organise your albums and customise the images they contain.

Available options on the My Albums screen include:

  • Share: Send the album to your friends, family, or associates.

  • Order: Order high quality, professional prints of your favourite electronic images.

  • View: Take a closer look at any image in the album.

  • Edit: Edit the selected image.

  • Delete: Delete the selected image from the current album.

  • Slideshow: View the images as a slideshow.

  • Print: Make your own prints using your own printer and paper.

The following Actions are also available:

  • Add pictures: Add pictures to the current album.

  • Edit title and captions: Change the title of the album or edit the captions for the indivdiual pictures it contains.

  • Save to my computer: Save the image files to your hard drive.

  • Save to screensaver: Use a favourite image as a screensaver.

  • Save to another album: Save a picture from one album into another album

  • View shared status: See who, if anyone, you've shared the album with, and see if and when they've looked at it.

Note: Although all of the listed options are available when viewing the albums you've created under My Pictures on AOL, image and album editing features will not be available for those albums listed under Pictures I've Received.