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Features of AOL Pictures

The following is a list of actions you can take with AOL Pictures.

View an AOL Pictures album by going to, then clicking the View All Albums link. You will notice an Action button in the upper right of the window. Clicking the Action button presents you with a drop-down menu with several different options:

  • Add pictures: Add additional pictures to an existing album

  • Edit title and captions: Change the album title or edit captions for images within the album

  • Save to My Computer: Save the selected image to your hard drive

  • Save to screensaver: Use the selected image as your screensaver

  • Save to another album: Save a picture from one album into another album

  • View shared status: See who, if anyone, you've shared an album with, and see if and when
    they've looked at it

Note: A user in guest view can only use the Save to my computer and Save to screensaver options.