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AOL Help: Choosing an AOL Access Number

To connect to AOL via your modem, take the following steps to choose the most appropriate UK access number:

If you can sign on to AOL:

  • Go to AOL Keyword: Best Number to automatically choose the best access number for you.

If you cannot sign on to AOL:

  1. Start the AOL software.
  2. At the AOL "Sign On" screen,  click Access Numbers.
  3. Choose United Kingdom and click Next.
  4. The list of available AOL access numbers will be displayed. You should tick as many numbers as appropriate, depending on your telephone provider (the company who provides the telephone line you're using to connect to AOL).  For example:
  • If your telephone provider is BT, tick all of the BT Customers numbers.
  • If your telephone provider is NTL, tick the NTL Customers number.
  • If your telephone provider is Telewest, tick the Telewest Customers number.
  • If your telephone provider is none of the above, please call 0870 320 2020 for assistance.

When finished, click Next through all the subsequent screens to connect to AOL.

Please note: The above numbers are available for AOL freephone price plans only (for example: AOL Flat Rate, AOL Broadband, AOL Off-Peak All The Time). If your AOL account is not on a freephone price plan, you should choose the 0845 Phone Charges Apply number (at the end of the list).  This is not a freephone number and will be charged on your phone bill at BT local call rates.

For more information on AOL price plans, go to AOL Keyword: Pricing once you're signed on to AOL.