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Use AOL Computer Check-Up online

AOL Computer Check-Up works the same way when you are signed on to the AOL service as when you are not signed on, except when you are signed on to the service, AOL Computer Check-Up automatically checks for updates to itself. If it finds them, it downloads and installs them automatically in the background.

Note: If you connect using a narrowband 56 kbps modem or slower and the update is large, you will receive notification that an update is available for downloading. Once downloaded, the update will install automatically.

Use Computer Check-Up online

AOL Computer Check-Up offers you only updates and messages that are relevant to your PC by downloading a list of available updates and messages, then checking it against the configuration of your PC. This means you will only be offered the information you need.

To use AOL Computer Check-Up when you are signed on to the AOL service:

  1. Sign on to the AOL service.
  2. Go to AOL Keyword: Computer Checkup.
  3. Click the Launch Computer Checkup button.
  4. Click the Check Now button. AOL Computer Check-Up scans your computer.


  • To use AOL Computer Check-up, go to AOL Keyword: Upgrade to get the most current version of AOL.
  • AOL Computer Check-Up requires a short, one-time download that should take 1-2 minutes on a regular modem and a few seconds over a high-speed connection. If it is taking much longer than this, you should close the window and try again.