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View issues Computer Check-Up turned off and turn them back on

When AOL Computer Check-Up scans your systems for possible issues, it will display those issues when it is done scanning. You can choose to have Computer Check-Up fix those issues or you can click the Do not show this issue again box to ignore the issue. If you choose to ignore the issue without fixing it, the issue will be saved in the settings so that you can turn it back on again later if you choose to.

Turn ignored issues back on

If you ignored an issue that Computer Check-Up listed as needing fixed so that it would not display on future scans, but you now wish to view that issue, you can turn it back on. After turning the issue back on it will be displayed the next time Computer Check-Up runs a scan.

To view issues you may have ignored and to turn them back on for future scans:

  1. Double-click the Computer Check-Up icon.
  2. Click the Settings tab.
  3. A list of the issues you chose to ignore will be displayed
  4. Click the box next to any issue you no longer wish to ignore to uncheck it.
  5. The issue you unchecked will display again the next time Computer Check-Up runs a scan of your computer.