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AOL Computer Check-Up scan

AOL Computer Check-Up checks for some common issues such as:

  • Trouble you may have connecting to the AOL service
  • Unexpected AOL service disconnects
  • General AOL software crashes
  • Making sure your browser security settings are adequate
  • Checking for certain types of pop-ups
  • Your level of system resources, such as available hard drive space and memory (RAM).

You can schedule automatic scans of your computer with AOL Computer Check-Up. You don't need to remember to run AOL Computer Check-Up. It performs a full scan automatically (once every 2 weeks by default) and shows you the results. You can change the frequency of the scans to suit your needs and preferences.

You can also manually use AOL Computer Check-Up any time you want. Even though it performs automatic checkups, you may still run a full scan manually at any time.

You'll find easy-to-understand tips to help keep your computer working well. AOL Computer Check-Up may offer to fix a problem, instructing you to click the Fix All button to automatically repair all issues. It may also offer instructions in a Learn More article to address the problem yourself.

AOL Computer Check-Up offers you only updates and messages that are relevant to your PC. It downloads up-to-date lists of available updates and messages and checks these against your computer's configuration. This means that you will only be offered the information you need.