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About AOL Computer Check-Up

The AOL Computer Check-Up feature is an automated troubleshooting and maintenance system for your computer that uses advanced technology to detect your hardware and software configuration. The service will display messages to you that are specific to your PC and configuration. AOL Computer Check-Up detects when you are connected to the AOL service and automatically checks for updates to keep the diagnostic engine and automatic fixes up-to-date.

Main features and benefits:

  • Automatic updates: AOL Computer Check-Up checks for updates to itself automatically.
  • Relevant offers: AOL Computer Check-Up only offers you updates and messages that are relevant to your PC, by downloading a list of available updates and messages and then checking it against the configuration of your PC. This means that you will only be offered the information you need.
  • Automatic checkup: You do not have to remember to run AOL Computer Check-Up. It will perform a full scan automatically (once every 2 weeks by default) and show you the results. You can change the frequency of the scans using the Settings feature.
  • Manual checkup: Even though it performs automatic checkups, you may still run a full scan manually at any time.
  • Upgrade Advisor: Helps you decide where your computer could use a boost as well as a Disk Optimisation tool to keep up on routine maintenance.