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AOL Help: Changes to AOL Member Services helpline numbers

What is the new AOL Member Services number?
The AOL Member Services support line is 0870 3 20 20 20, which is a charged-for number.

How much will calls cost?
The table below shows a summary of call charges for the new AOL Member Services support line. BT landline calls to 0870 numbers will cost no more than 7.51p per minute; calls made from mobiles usually cost more and will vary by provider.

title= Mon-Fri 6.00am - 6.00pm title= Mon-Fri before 6.00am and after 6.00pm title= Weekend - all day Sat & Sun title=
title= 7.51p per minute title= 3.75p per minute title= 1.5p per minute title=

Prices are in pence per minute, including VAT, for BT lines. A minimum call charge of 5p applies to all calls from BT lines. Charges and times via other providers may vary.

However, if you are also a subscriber to AOL's new telephone service, AOL Talk, or subscribe to AOL Talk before October 31, 2005, you will continue to get customer and technical support services at no extra charge on the phone line on which AOL Talk is activated. For more information on AOL Talk, go to AOL Keyword: AOL Talk.

Is there a minimum call charge?
A minimum call charge of 5p applies to all calls from BT lines. Charges and times via providers may vary. Calls made from mobiles usually cost more than landlines and will vary by provider.

How will these calls be billed?
Call charges to AOL Member Services will appear on your usual telephone bill.

How else can I get help?
AOL Keyword: Help has extensive technical and customer support information available to assist you. AOL Help has now been improved, helping you find the information you need quickly and easily.

Another new addition is Discover AOL (AOL Keyword: Discover AOL) which provides a one-stop shop for you to access AOL's many tools, services and member benefits. Discover AOL is designed to help improve your online experience and make the most of your AOL membership.

In addition, AOL continues to offer online Live Help (AOL Keyword: Live Help), where AOL customer service representatives are available at no additional charge to answer your questions every day from 8am to midnight, via a one-to-one chat room.