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AOL Help: AOL does not detect the modem

This error message occurs for two main reasons: if the USB cable is not plugged into the PC from the modem, or if the drivers have not been installed correctly. To fix this problem, please work through the following steps:

1. Check your physical connections

Failure to connect might be caused by something as simple as a loose connection to the modem or a filter not being plugged in properly.

Your Physical Connections

  1. Begin by unplugging everything from every BT telephone point in the house
  2. Locate the master phone socket
  3. Plug the filter directly into the master socket
  4. Plug the DSL cable (the yellow line cable) into the DSL side of the filter
  5. Plug the other side of the yellow cable into your DSL modem
  6. Connect the DSL modem to the PC via the blue USB cable provided

Please Note: For the best performance, AOL recommends that you always use your master socket and the DSL cable provided. If you have to use an extension cable, it should be no longer than 10 metres.


2. Remove and reinstall DSL modem drivers

Before You Begin: Please ensure you have downloaded the most recent version of the modem software. Instructions on how to reinstall your modem drivers are as follows:


3. Are you using firewall software?

Some personal firewall software configurations can restrict access to AOL. If you find that you are having persistent difficulties in connecting to AOL Broadband, it may be due to the presence of firewall software. In the event of this happening, disable your firewall software and retry AOL.

If you can connect when your firewall software is disabled, try changing the security settings on the software and signing on again to see if the problem is resolved. If you have lowered your security settings and still can't get online, please contact your firewall software vendor for further advice.

Further Information: AOL Keyword: Firewall Software