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AOL Help: Alcatel Speed Touch installation guide

Connect your broadband modem

If you have not yet connected your modem to your computer, proceed with the next steps. If your modem is already connected, skip the initial steps and go to Download and install your modem driver.

  1. Disconnect your phone cable from the wall socket.
  2. Connect one of the supplied DSL filters into your telephone wall socket.
  3. Reconnect your phone to the DSL filter using the socket on the filter marked Phone
  4. Connect one end of the supplied line cable into the DSL filter using the socket marked DSL (sometimes marked MODEM).
  5. Connect the other end of the line cable into the broadband modem.
  6. Important: Do NOT at this stage connect the USB cable to your computer.

Please Note:

  • Connect a DSL filter to each telephone socket that is in use for telephones, dial-up modems and fax machines, etc
  • If you require additional DSL filters, order online at AOL Keyword Broadband Extras.


Download and install your modem driver

  1. Download the AOL modem driver for your Alcatel modem.
  2. When prompted to save the file to a location, select an appropriate place (e.g., desktop).
  3. Before beginning the installation, it is recommended you close all other programs
  4. Once the AOL Modem Driver Easy Installer is downloaded, double click the file:
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to install your broadband modem software.
  6. When prompted, connect the other end of the USB cable into the USB port on your computer. The port is usually labelled with this USB symbol: Both lights on the broadband modem should be green to indicate that your connection to AOL Broadband has been established and is working correctly.