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Thomson Speedtouch 580 installation guide

Connect your wireless modem router

Thomson Speedtouch 580 Wireless Modem Router

  1. Sign on to AOL.
  2. Download the AOL Easy Installer for Thomson 580 Wireless Modem Router.
  3. When prompted to save the file to a location select an appropriate place (desktop is a good example).
  4. Once the AOL Easy Installer is downloaded, double click the file: ST_V1.exe
    This will launch the modem router installer and show the "Welcome" screen.
  5. Click the Start Installation button to continue. If you wish to cancel, click the Cancel Installation button.
  6. Read the next page carefully. The text advises to close any running programs, ensure to close your AOL software also. Click Next to continue.

Please Note:

  • Connect a DSL filter to each telephone socket that is in use for telephones, dial-up modems and fax machines, etc.
  • If you require additional DSL filters, order online at AOL Keyword Broadband Extras.


  • Ensure to use AOL 8.0 or above.
  • The AOL account to be used for the modem router set up must be a General (18+) account.
  • This installer is not supported with a modem router containing beta firmware.