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AOL Help: AOL Broadband Check-Up

AOL Broadband Check-Up makes it easy to run diagnostic tests on your PC and fix problems that affect your AOL Broadband service. AOL Broadband Check-Up also makes it easier for Member Services staff  to diagnose and resolve more complex problems.

Download Now   (15.5 MB)

-- Must be an AOL Broadband member
-- Must have a BT phone line
-- Must be using either AOL 8.0 or AOL 9.0

How to install AOL Broadband Check-Up:

  1. Click on the Download Now button.
  2. Click Save to store the file in a convenient location on your PC.
  3. When the file has finished downloading, find where you downloaded it and double-click the bbcheckup or bbcheckup.exe file to launch the installer.
  4. Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  5. Register your name, Screen Name and telephone number.
  6. Microsoft Java VM and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 are required in order for AOL Broadband Check-Up to work. Your PC will be checked for this software. If you have both, AOL Broadband Check-Up will be installed on to your PC. If either Microsoft Java VM or Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 are undetected, the software will be installed on to your PC, though you will be asked for permission first. You will then need to restart your PC.
  7. Once successfully installed, click Finish. This will launch AOL Broadband Check-Up and check that it is correctly configured. AOL Broadband Check-Up is now ready for use.

How do I run AOL Broadband Check-Up?
You can launch the software by going to the Start menu then Programs / AOL Broadband Check-Up.